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    Hello and welcome! I am Joanna, a wife, a mother and the artist behind the olive bird store. This blog is a space to scribble notes on a life filled with creativity and joy. Along the way I'll share arty endeavours, things that inspire me and other random streams of consciousness. I hope you enjoy and come back and visit often!

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    Our first market

    On Sunday we packed our car full of prints, frames, cards, clothes and bags (and a baby somewhere under all of that) and headed off to hide and seek markets. It was our first market so it was great to meet other stall holders, chat to market goers and sell some things! We can’t wait for the December market on the 19th! We’ve got four weeks to get ourselves ready, and you’ve got four weeks to procrastinate with your Christmas shopping so you can come along and stock up on some cards, prints, totes and kids clothes! Hope to see you there! Here are some shots of our first market experience:

    This first little collage is the work of Maddison Scarlett Photography. Jacqui’s love of photography shines through her pictures.


    Our little sales assistant

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