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    Hello and welcome! I am Joanna, a wife, a mother and the artist behind the olive bird store. This blog is a space to scribble notes on a life filled with creativity and joy. Along the way I'll share arty endeavours, things that inspire me and other random streams of consciousness. I hope you enjoy and come back and visit often!

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    The making of a toddler’s wallet

    Last week my lovely nephew Benjamin turned two! This little man has a penchant for rummaging through wallets, so I thought I’d make him one of his own. I’ve put together a little ‘how to’ in case you know a wallet rummager too¬†(click on ‘read more’ below).

    Benji's wallet

    I started with an old leather wallet and cleaned it up. This one was kindly donated by Benjamin’s uncle. If you can’t find one, maybe check at thrift stores (for a wallet not an uncle). I cut some denim (from some old shorts) to the size of the outer face of the wallet and hemmed it with red cotton.

    A well loved old wallet

    Denim wallet outer

    Next I cut and hemmed a letter B and stitched this to the denim outer. Then I stitched a ribbon down the middle of the denim so that it loops around the length of the fabric.

    B stitched to denim

    Ribbon handle

    I used some craft glue to attach the denim to the wallet (you could probably stitch it on as well). Then I stitched the ribbon up to form a small loop

    Looped handle

    I made a bunch of flash cards to go inside

    Flash cards

    Flash cards

    ID card

    Then I wrapped it up with a wooden bulldozer with paper made for ripping

    Crazy wrapping

    The birthday boy

    Happy birthday Benji. I love you! xx



    Comment from Katie
    Time October 29, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks Aunty Jo Ben loves his very own wallet


    Comment from Cristy
    Time November 6, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Can you be my aunty?

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